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Is RidSnore right for you?
Anti snoring devices that are designed to hold the lower jaw pulled forward, also known as mandibular advancing devices,  have been recognized by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine as an effective treatment for snoring and sleep apnea. There are many anti snoring devices on the market, some require professional help and are expensive, while others are over the counter items and are inexpensive. 

Causes of snoring and sleep apnea are multifactorial. Therefore anti snoring devices such as RidSnore may not always be suitable for everyone. For some, the simple forward shift in the lower jaw, stops snoring entirely, but for others, it may not. To find out if an anti snoring device such as RidSnore is right for you, take the simple test on the right before you spend your money.
Take this test

1. Close your mouth and try to create snoring noise while breathing gently.

2. Keep your mouth closed, and push your lower jaw forward about 5 to 8 mm. Try to make the snoring noise again while breathing gently.

3. If the snoring noise is reduced or becomes more difficult to make, then RidSnore is right for you.
Relief for snoring and sleep apnea
Unlike other anti snoring devices, RidSnore is small and comfortable. Other devices are such a large mouthful, that they need to be forced into the mouth, consequently preventing you from closing your mouth. Most anti snoring devices available over the counter, are nothing more than a sports mouthguard, that you are asked to boil and remold on your teeth while holding your lower jaw pulled forward. This is neither easy nor reliable. In contrast RidSnore is soft, small, ready to use and does not cause pain or gum irritation. 

RidSnore consists of a chinstrap and a small mouthpiece that fits on the front 
teeth. The mouthpiece is designed to hold your lower jaw in a forward position, is 
ready to use and requires no boiling or fitting. The device comes with two 
mouthpieces to advance the lower jaw by 5 or 8 mm. The chinstrap helps you keep 
your jaws together and the mouthpiece in place during sleep.
Snoring is not only socially annoying, it is a sign that you may have sleep apnea. People who snore are likley to have sleep apnea or at risk of developing sleep apnea. Jaw advancing mouthpieces such as RidSnore, are recommended as a fist line treatment for snoring and sleep apnea. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and are using a CPAP machine, RidSnore may replace your CPAP machine, if not permanently, at least during travel or camping, and will give you a break from your CPAP machine.
Take a break from your CPAP machine
Feel the freedom of sleeping without the hose and a machine
Custom fitted mouthpieces that cost over $1500, are slightly smaller but the saying "you get what you pay for" does not apply very well here. You can pay a large sum of money, but the custom fitted mouthpiece may still cause pain, gum irritation and gagging. Consequently people stop using them after a few days. 
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